Why are plant extracts used in cosmetic products?

Herbal extracts have several effects. Some of them offer a beautiful or attractive smell to the cosmetics product, which increases skin moisture and acts as a skin cleanser. Medicinal plants with active ingredients such as essential oils, tannins, saponins, and … . They are used to make cosmetic products.

Barley Extract

Polysaccharide in barely extract prevents skin dryness as well as itching and rash. This extract contains beta glucan, which keeps the natural humidity of skin

Pomegranate Extract

It contains a variety of skin nutrients and helps to rebuild and rejuvenate skin cells

Calendula Extract

Healing , anti -bacterial and antifungal , preventing and improving redness , swelling , pain due to sunburn , humidifier , anti-acne

Chamomile Extract:

It regenerates cells and skin restorer, soothing the inflammation and irritation, strong antioxidant

Extract of Arnica Montana Root

Speeding wound healing , reducing inflammation caused by insect bites,sunburn and…strong hydration , skin healing

Nettle Extract

Contains vitamins and minerals , enriched with antibacterial , contains vitamin B , regenerate scalp fat gland

Honey Extract

It restores the skin, strong hydration, cleanser, anti-inflammatory, skin conditioner, anti-scrub

Extract of Aloe Vera

Healing , soothing skin , anti-inflammatory skin , high moisture absorption , moisturizing , gentle disinfectant

Lemon Extract

Cleansing and disinfecting the skin , an antibacterial suitable for skin infections

Lavender Oil

Disinfectants, anti-bacterial, soothing the inflammation and healing, acne treatment, increasing the blood circulation, skin juicing, reduction of inflammation and irritation

Wheat Germ Oil

Strong absorbent moisture ,removing dry skin, rich source of omega 3 and 6 ,nutrient skin

Albizia Lebbeck Extract

Stimulator to elastin and collagen of skin , skin regenerating , skin rejuvenating , antibacterial , strong antioxidant

Soya Oil

Strong moisture absorbent, removing the skin dryness, rich omega 3 and 6, skin nutrient

Olive Oil

It is very beneficial for skin’s beauty and well-being , and prevents skin from damaging caused by exposure to sunlight due to the existence of polyphenols

Sunflower Oil

Contains vitamin D , C , A , E , skin protector , inflammatory treatment , eczema , acne , moisturizer

Vitamin E

Antioxidant, strong moisturizer, repairing the damaged tissue, anti-wrinkle

Cottonseed Oil

Strong hydration , anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory ,scrub-restoring skin , a rich source of vitamins as natural factors protecting the skin against sunlight, resistance to UV rays

Vitamin C

Antioxidants , regeneration of skin cells , anti-inflammatory effect , anti-aging properties , skin clarification , source of producing collagen

Tea Tree Extract:

Strong antioxidant, anti-aging, cleansing and skin antiseptic

Cucumber Extract:

It contains several acids that have strong antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle and fine lines, strong hydration, high cleansing, lipid reduction on the skin

Argan Oil

It is rich in omega 6 and contains essential fatty acids that play an important role in preventing aging and wrinkling

Avocado Oil

Contains vitamins B,D,E,A1,B2 which slows down aging process , nourishing the skin ,stimulates the skin to make collagen ,maintain skin moisture

Jojoba Oil

Avoid skin dryness, wound healing, keeping open pores in the skin and reducing excessive lipid secretion