Germany Dermatological Approval

After the continuous efforts of production and sales department the company decided to receive approval for its products from a reputable institution in Germany called Dermatology. The Dermatist Institute was founded in 1978 in the city of Munster, Germany and during these years by adopting acceptable international methods in the field of dermatology and allergy has Clinical and therapeutic activities. After doing the necessary tests through the institution, Rosaara Asia products Earn Dermatist's Lab Excellent Grade (5 STAR).


ISO 9001 Certification

The ISO 9001 standard called the Quality Management System Standard, this means that this standard seeks to create a system that manages quality throughout the organization. The Rosaara Asia Laboratory in 2015 was awarded with this internationally accredited certificate


Obtaining a GMP Certificate

GMP is short form of (good manufactoring practices) and it means good ways of making that is one of prerequisites in establishing modern health systems.


Obtaining CE Certificate

CE sign shows the conformity of products with united europe laws. A product that achive this symbol can be released in all countries in united europe and europe free trade unions ( instead of switzerland and liechtenstein ) without any limit. And with having CE symbol , product gets the entry permittion of europe markets.
CE symbol shows the conformity of products with patterns and defined guidlines of this unions.