Meet Rosara Asia

The Rosara Asia Healthcare Laboratory was established in 2010 (2010) in Salimi Industrial Town of Tabriz. The unit is now continuing its activities in the production of Wecare-branded baby products, as well as the production of ion-lady-branded women’s products in order to provide the need and market security.

The company benefits the most modern and latest technology in the world, along with the most modern-day executives. All stages of production and packaging are done with the latest fully automated devices in the world. RosaAra Asia Co., Ltd. holds the international certificate of ISO 9001 and GMP from ICAS approved by USAS Canada, with the aim of exporting and supplying domestic, the process of producing all of the high-value products with the latest technology has begun and tries to use the best experts. In this regard, it is a factor in introducing these products and meeting the needs of other countries.

The constructive relationship between the country’s medical community and the science of research and development of Rosara Asia and the efficient work of the educated generation in the country have led to the use of highly valued views of the country’s experts on the production of Rosara Asia with a high-quality market place. The production technology and formulation of these products are designed in such a way that the raw materials for the first time in Iran lack alcohol, paraben, soapy and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Rosara Asia’s Success Story
  • The official activity of the Uni-Led brand: Since 2007, in order to produce baby products
  • The official activity of the Wecare brand: Since 2011, in order to produce mother and child cellulose products
  • The official activity of the Uni-med brand: Since 2014, in order to produce good products for patients and the elderly
  • • The official activity of the Rosenarmin brand: Since 1396 for the production of sponge non-woven textile and fibers
For the first time in Iran

The production and formulation of Roseara Asia products are designed in such a way that The raw materials for the first time in Iran lack alcohol, parabens, soap and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Our Colleagues

Vahid Hosseinian

Design and Printing Management
مهندس شیدا اکبری

Sheida Akbari

Deputy for Development and Research

Vahid Goodarzi

Deputy Minister of Commerce

Rosaara Asia Successes

ISO 9001 Certification

Obtaining a Quality Management System Certificate

GMP Certification

Gain GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification to evaluate the product's performance in good condition

ISO 18001 Certification

Get certified health and safety system certification in 2014

Germany Dermatological Approval

Earn Dermatist's Lab Excellent Grade (5stars)

ISO 14001 certification

Obtain an Environmental Management Execution Certificate

Customer satisfaction

Rosaara Asia herbal materials Lab, with years of continuous activity designing formulations and produce specialized and therapeutic quality products in the field of skin and hair care, cosmetic products, contains natural products to attract customer’s attention and trust and increase satisfaction always committed to paying tribute to the customers, Appreciate the customers and it also meets the needs of present and future customers. To achieve this purpose, to develop management systems, Implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, with the aim of systematic deployment of the customer’s complaints and advice process and customer satisfaction assessment. The company aims to address the customer’s advices and complaints, and to accurately assess customer satisfaction, the following goals are followed:

  • Continuous customer satisfaction and loyalty promotion
  • Continuous improvement of the process of handling advises and complaints and measuring customer satisfaction
  • Accurate and prompt response to customer complaints
  • Expansion customer-oriented culture
  • Promoting employee awareness and empowerment