Get to know the Rozara Asia brands

Laboratory of Healthcare The Rozara Asia was established in Salimi Industrial Estate in Tabriz in 2010. this unit continues his activity for Supply need and create securty in the market in the form of baby products of brand Weecare and also continues the production of woman s products of brand Uni-Led.

Weecare Manufacturer of Mother and Children Products and Supplies

Manufacturer of Health Products and Makeup Remover for Women

Manufacturer of Sanitary Products and Cellulose, Antibacterial and Disinfectant

Uni Bebe is a Manufacturer of Quality Products for Children

What is Dermateast?

When it began to work in 1978, dermateast company had a special purpose: Research and evaluation of cosmetic products using dermatological and scientific methods to calm and ensure their use and easy to measure their effects. In 1978, the Dermatology Laboratory was the first dermatological center at the time. The company’s goal is not only limited to testing quality and specialized skin testing, but it also always focuses on increasing consumer confidence.

Obtain the confirmation of Dermateast for Rozara

After continuous efforts in production and sales, the company decided to receive approval for its products from a reputable institution in Germany called Dermateast. After the tests were carried out by the institute, the products of RosAra Asia Company were awarded a high grade (5 STAR) from that laboratory.


Private Lable

Private Lable s production attracts many manufacturers. In the definition of Private Label, it can be said that the company offers certain products with a pre-determined formula with standard packages to the customer under the brand that the customer chooses. In fact, the customer purchases and markets the final product with the brand you are looking for.

In other words, the only buyer brand is included on the products. In dealing with the company, the customer will have more discretion and freedom to own the brand. Asia Research R & D Laboratory is one of the first private labels in the cosmetics industry, which operates professionally in the field.